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Recent Adventures of Satisfied Customers

Did a little father-son outing this week on the Fraser

Half day sturgeon, half day sockeye, a lot of fun, fish of a lifetime, and a cooler full of tasty sockeye to bring home. John Waring was an excellent guide, we hooked our first sturgeon within 15 minutes. We got two in the 6-7 ft range, spent more time fighting fish than waiting for bites. Neither of us had ever fought a fish over 25 lbs, so John's guidance on that was helpful....

Steve K.

Last summer, I went salmon and sturgeon fishing with two friends and John.

Overall, he showed what a big difference an experienced guide can make. He was friendly and easy to get along with, and definitely set the tone for a fun and exciting day of fishing. Even though he was laid-back, he was always quick to action when going to a new spot, setting up a fishing rod or being there with the net when a fish was on the line. I remember when someone in our group had a big salmon hooked, John was instantly in the boat, had it running and said “C'mon, get in” and they were off to chase the fish.

After we all had our fair share of catching sockeye, we headed out sturgeon fishing. I was surprised that John had become so familiar with the favourite spots of sturgeon that he had blips of them on the fish finder immediately. It felt like it was only 15 minutes before we had a bite, and even though that one broke off the line, we still managed to have another shot at one. I was lucky enough to be the one chosen to haul in the first sturgeon. Considering how it was close to the boat two times before it decided to swim off and fight some more, it was definitely one of my best and most memorable fishing experiences.