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Christmas Gifts for Fishing Enthusiasts

Christmas is just around the corner and you have that fishing enthusiast on your list to buy for. However, you don’t know anything about fishing gear and you don’t know anything about what your fishing enthusiast prefers. Not to worry, there are many fishing accessories your fishing enthusiast can use and you don’t need to be a fishing expert to buy. Here is a list of items you can get that fishing enthusiast on your list

Home Fishing Rod Organizer

Most fishing enthusiasts own more than one fishing rod and they are usually stored somewhere in a shed or garage in a corner. Rod organizers keep things tidy and save space at the same time

Waterproof Phone Case with Strap

People bring their phones when they’re out fishing. Whether it is to stay connected, to use in case of emergency or to snap that pic of that epic catch. Sure you can keep it in a dry bag but then you would need to dig it out every time you want to use it. You can leave it out but then you risk it falling into the water. Having a waterproof case with strap allows you to wear your phone and have it convenient when you need it.

Ball Cap Headlamp

If you are the early bird out to get the fish many times it’s before sunrise and it’s hard to sometimes see what you are doing. Having a head lamp you can secure to a baseball cap gives you the light you need

Dry Bag

When you are fishing you are near the water all day and of course there is the risk of getting your belongings and valuables wet. A dry bag an seal up all their important stuff so they won’t have to worry about it getting waterlogged. 

MicroFiber Bait Towel

Fishing is messy hobby where you constantly come into contact with slime from bait and fish. Your hands get grimy and messy quick and having a bait towel that hooks onto your belt will help you stay clean and get back to fishing!

Electronic Fish Scale

Why estimate the weight of your catch when you can actually weigh it with a handing portable electronic scale that weighs fish up to 110 lbs or 50 kg. It’s even got a stainless steel hook and a tare function to ensure accuracy.

Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Why not add some tunes to a beautiful day out on the water. Wireless bluetooth speakers allow you to bring your tunes and not worry about getting wet.