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Fraser River Fishing

The Fraser River is the longest and largest river in British Columbia, stretching 1,375 km. It is the 5th largest river in Canada and named for explorer Simon Fraser. The Fraser River was a transportation route and source of food for the Indigenous people of the region. The Fraser River flows from it’s source in Yellowhead Lake on the British Columbia–Alberta border to its mouth on the Strait of Georgia. It is fed by heavy rain, snowfall and melting glaciers and is joined by the Stuart, Nechako, and Chilcotin Rivers. The Fraser River drains a watershed of 233,000 square kilometres which is about 1/3 of British Columbia

There are 41 species of freshwater fish including surf and longfin smelt, northern squawfish, rainbow and brook trout, river and Pacific lamprey, eulachon, redside shiner , pea mouth chub, longnose dace, several species of sucker, and prickly sculpin which call the Fraser River their home. In addition to these permanent residents, there are 19 species of migratory or marine fish that spend part of their life cycle in the Fraser River.

Fraser River salmon fishing is spectacular to say the least. The Fraser River and its tributaries are home to one of the most productive salmon fisheries in the world and produces more than any other river system. The numbers average 20-50 million salmon per year. Five species of Pacific salmon — sockeye, coho, chum, Chinook and pink can all  be found in the Fraser River.

The Fraser River is also home to North Americas largest game fish and the epitome of game fishing, the White Sturgeon. In fact, it's home to one of the largest White Sturgeon populations in the world. With sturgeon in the Fraser River can attain weights up to 1000lbs., it’s no wonder that many of our guests return year after year in order to break their personal bests! Hooking and sturgeon and seeing it jump far out of the water is an experienced unmatched by many others. The adrenaline rush from it is out of this world!

If you would like to experience some exciting BC fishing and enjoy gorgeous scenery then fishing the Fraser River is for you. We have been fishing the Fraser River for over 37 years so we know all of it’s secrets. Contact us and we will create a memorable fishing trip.