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Fraser RIVER Guided Fishing Tours

Let Johnny guide you on an unforgettable fishing adventure!

We have Fraser River fishing trip packages for groups of 1,2,3 or 4. Take advantage of Johnny's extensive fishing experience and local knowledge to guide you to the best fishing locations. Johnny not only has a lifetime of fishing experience, he is also a Chilliwack local and has been fishing the Fraser River waters for 37 years. These are the reasons our fishing trips result in consistent success.  The success of your fishing trip depends on the experience of your guide so make sure you have the best on your boat.

Johnny prides himself in providing a day of fishing in a fun and relaxed manner. He is extremely personable, friendly and easy to get along with. Just read what our previous guests have to say.

Have some beginners in your party? Not to worry. Beginners and kids love fishing with Johnny because of his patience and easy to follow instructions. By the end of the day, they will be fishing like pros!

To get started, purchase your BC Freshwater License or BC Saltwater License

 Tasty meals for the fishing trip can be purchased for $20/person

  • 8 Hour Fishing Trip

    Trip Length:
    8 Hours

    With our full day 8 hour fishing trip you can relax and really get fishing. The full day fishing trip is our most popular, and best for beginners, who could benefit from detailed instructions and tutorials or for those who want to target multiple species. Extra time equates to a more chances for success. you don’t have to feel rushed,  and can really enjoy your day out on the water.  Prices do not include 5% GST tax and gratuity


    8 hour, 1 person trip is $600.00
    8 hour, 2 person trip is $600.00
    8 hour, 3 person trip is $675.00
    8 hour, 4 person trip is $750.00
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  • 6 Hour Fishing Trip

    Trip Length:
    6 Hours

    When time is in high demand or if 8 hrs on the water is just too long a six hour fishing trip might be what you are looking for.  With this flexible fishing trip we can target either one or two fish species depending on your preference and if fishing conditions permit. As always plenty of instruction and knowledge is provided as well as lots of fun!


    6 hour, 1 person trip is $544.00
    6 hour, 2 person trip is $544.00
    6 hour, 3 person trip is $594.00
    6 hour, 4 person trip is $640.00
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  • 4 Hour Fishing Trip

    Trip Length:
    4 Hours

    Our four hour fishing rip is great for people who want to get out for a short period of time or to introduce young kids to fishing. Typically we target one fish species on these trips so we can really focus on the technique, strategy and simply catch some fish. 

    Pricing for our four hour fishing trip is a flat rate of $400 / day for 1- 4 people. 


    4 hour, 1 person trip is $400.00
    4 hour, 2 person trip is $400.00
    4 hour, 3 person trip is $400.00
    4 hour, 4 person trip is $400.00
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