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A survivor from the age of the dinosaurs, white sturgeon can attain lengths in excess of six meters, and can live for over 150 years.

The white sturgeon is North America’s largest freshwater game fish. White sturgeon are among the largest and longest-lived of the many sturgeon species and of freshwater fish in North America , sometimes attaining weights of up to 1000lbs. The Fraser River is home to the healthiest population of these magnificent fish in the world. Fishing for sturgeon is a game of patience, when hooked the power and brute force these fish exert is truly unbelievable, often jumping clear of the water. Sturgeon have been known to bring grown men to their knees (I have seen it happen). Sturgeon fishing is available year round, with October – December being prime time.

White Sturgeon is at the top of the Fraser River food chain, and one of the few year-round resident species of fish in the lower Fraser River. Sturgeon fishing has increased in popularity over the recent years as many anglers have heard about the enormous sizes and want to catch their own monster. Some Sturgeon specimens during the season will reach 10 to 13 ft. in length and will weigh in at 500 to 1200 lbs. These are truly spectacular specimens, the apex of their kind. Most of the Sturgeon that are caught by sports anglers will range in size from about 3ft. to 7ft. and weigh between 20 and 250lbs. The Fraser is a large river almost 1000 miles long and Sturgeon can be found through out most of it. Sturgeon do move around quite a bit and there literally dozens of spots to try your luck for Sturgeon in the Fraser River. Having a knowledgeable fishing guide will be the ensure fishing success! We have 37 years fishing for Sturgeon in BC so you can rest assured we know all the best Sturgeon hiding spots. Come see how spectacular Fraser River sturgeon fishing is. 

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