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Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye salmon are the third most common Pacific salmon species, after pink and chum salmon

The sockeye salmon is one of the most sought after fish because of their rich deep red meat. Sockeye were the first salmon to be harvested commercially in the Pacific Region. The name "sockeye" is an Anglicization of suk-kegh named by the indigenous people and it means “red fish”. Sockeye salmon start running the Fraser River in June and run through until September. 

The Fraser River is not always open for sockeye fishing and is generally available for harvest on a year by year basis. Sockeye salmon are only targeted when open for harvest , but when they are fisherman go crazy with sockeye mania.

Compared to the other Pacific salmon species, Sockeye salmon have a more bluntly-pointed head. They are also the slimmest and most streamlined and appear almost toothless. Sockeye salmon are usually a bluish silver in color but change to a purplish silver when they return to spawn. As males continues to mature, their heads become a pale emerald green, their bodies turn bright red and they develop a hump on their back

Sockeye salmon are born in freshwater and stay in their natal habitat for up to 3 years before they migrate out to the ocean. Sockeye salmon uniquely prefer lakes to streams and rivers. They stay in the ocean for up to 4 years and mainly feed on zooplankton which is thought to give the flesh it’s bright, vibrant color. 

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