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Pink Salmon

Pink salmon are is the smallest and most abundant of the Pacific salmon

Pink salmon are the most abundant of the seven species of salmon in BC waters and have a short 2 year lifetime. Pink Salmon males get a characteristic hump on their back when they return to spawn which is why they are known as “humpbacks” or “humpies". Pinks have shiny silvery skin with a bluish back, very small scales and large, black spots on their tail. BC Pink Salmon average 4-8 lbs and can easily be caught on pretty much any fishing method. 

Pink Salmon are very aggressive and are probably the easiest to catch out of the 5 BC salmon species. Pink salmon are opportunistic biters which make for a whole lot of fishing action. They are a great fish to introduce kids to fishing and are absolutely perfect for a family outing as everyone will be hooking up consistently. As your Fraser Valley fishing guide we can educate any beginners in your party.

Pink Salmon return to our rivers every other year and run on odd numbered years (2013, 15 etc. ) and the number of fish usually number in the millions. In fact the sheer numbers of salmon in the Fraser River can border on ridiculous and definitely provide anglers with a very consistent and fun-filled fishing day. The best time to fish for pink salmon is September through October and during this time hooking 30-50 pink salmon per person on an 8hr trip is not out of the ordinary!

Pink salmon is the smallest of the wild Pacific salmon with pale pink flesh. It had a small flake, softer than most salmon, has a mild flavour and a relatively low amount of oil. Pink salmon only stays fresh for 3 days on ice, compared to 14 for Sockeye, so fish off the boat will yield delicious fare! Pink salmon’s smaller size makes it ideal to cook whole using simple, classic methods such as poaching, steaming, roasting or on a cedar plank on the BBQ. 

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