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Chinook Salmon

The largest of the Pacific Salmon Species

The Chinook Salmon, also known as King or Spring Salmon, is the “king” and largest of the five Pacific Salmon species found in the Fraser Valley. Chinook Salmon average 14-20 lbs but can attain weights in excess of 40 lbs. with some even much heavier. Black gums and a silver, spotted tail distinguish the Chinook from other salmonids. Chinook are an unusual Pacific salmon species because the flesh of adults can range in colour from white through pink to deep red depending on the time of the year. 

While still feeding in tidal waters, Chinook Salmon have dark backs, with a greenish blue sheen. When they are ready to spawn, their body colour darkens and a reddish hue around the fins and belly develops. The teeth of adult spawning males become enlarged and the snout develops into a hook.

They are not only big, they are also strong so be sure you are well equipped for the fight!These fish are one of the most sought after species by many serious anglers worldwide. Chinook Salmon are extremely hard fighters with long runs and an iron will. These salmon don’t just bite the lure, they violently assault it.

We fish for Fraser River Chinook Salmon from July until October employing a variety of methods from spin casting lures to anchor fishing spin-n-gloss to float fishing salmon eggs.

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