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  • Chinook Salmon

    The Chinook salmon, also known as King or Spring is the largest of the five pacific salmon species. The Chinook averages 14-20 lbs but can attain weights in excess of 40 lbs. with some much heavier.

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  • Chum Salmon

    Chum or dog salmon as they are commonly known, arrive in October and run through November. The name dog comes from the large canine like teeth they develop while in fresh water.

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  • Coho Salmon

    Coho salmon are my personal favorite salmon to fish for. They are, for the most part gleaming silver with a bright white belly. The coho start running in mid September and run into November, with October being prime time.

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  • Pink Salmon

    Pink salmon are the smallest of the pacific salmon. The males get a characteristic hump on their back which is why they are known as humpies. They average 4-8 lbs and can easily be caught on pretty much any method.

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  • Sockeye Salmon

    The sockeye salmon is one of the most sought after because of their rich deep red meat. Sockeye start running in June and run through until September.

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  • Steelhead

    The steelhead ("rainbow trout") is a form of the coastal rainbow trout that usually returns to fresh water to spawn after living two to three years in the ocean.

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  • Sturgeon

    A survivor from the age of the dinosaurs, white sturgeon can attain lengths in excess of six meters, and can live for over 150 years.

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