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Frequently Asked Questions


What should I bring on my trip?

You should bring weather appropriate clothing , camera (to capture your fish of a lifetime), and lunch. We can also provide a tasty lunch for an additional charge. 

How do I get a BC Fishing License?

You are able to get your Freshwater Licenses and Saltwater Licenses on-line prior to your adventure.

Click here to get your BC Freshwater License online

Click here to get your BC Saltwater License online

How do I bring my fish home?

We suggest that you bring a cooler filled with ice and keep it in your vehicle. When you fishing day has ended you can then transport your catch home.

What does a typical day on the water consist of?

A typical day on the water consists of 8 hours fishing. We can either target one species or do a combination of species through out the day. Whatever you prefer.

Can I bring my own gear and rods?

Absolutely. Although we supply all rods, gear and waders, there's nothing quite like the comfort of your own stuff, and catching the fish of a lifetime on your own gear makes it all that more special. 

What if someone in the party doesn't know how to fish?

No problem. I am blessed with the ability to teach even the greenest of fishermen. My learning techniques will have you relaxed and fishing like a pro in no time, and i will work with you til you have it mastered.